Never apologize for the better version of yourself that you are becoming
Flourish Women: Unapologetically Becoming A Better Me

Flourish Women TV


Nicckay Natson Global was birth out of Dr. Nicckay and founded upon Esther 4:14 If you keep silent deliverance will arise from another place perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. 

An original spotlight and highlight of L.I.F.T International (Ladies In Faith Together) Women's Ministry with Dr. Nicckay Natson. This is a TV Broadcast on Zenith TV Network to empower, shift, uplift and impact women to be better and become the authentic person that God has destined them to be. Those that have a testimony or a story to tell about how they are flourishing as women in life and have spread their wings and are soaring and can help other women flourish and become authentic as a women spread their wings and soar. A show that highlights and spotlights the greatness in women for the modern day women who do what they do without envy or jealousy. 


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