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Feb. 7, 2023

Interview with Joclyn Strominger

Interview with Joclyn Strominger

Join Dr. Nicckay as she interviews Joclyn on tonight who is a coach and love helping others become successful.

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Jaclyn Strominger

Success Mentor

Jaclyn has been been passionate about helping people for over three decades. After 20 years in magazine publishing, she started mentoring when she realized most people begin their careers without a clear path or plan. In 2013, she became an entrepreneur and through her journey started coaching and training women and men how to pursue their own passions as entrepreneurs . After ditching her day job and finding success in this industry, Jaclyn has made it her mission to help others achieve similar success with either a side hustle or full-time opportunity As a mentor, she helps others increase their inner and outer confidence and find the strength to be entrepreneurs. This is what led her to partner with Theorem, a company that is focused on creating a healthy head of hair, the ultimate crown!
When we feel good our mindset and confidence becomes infectious.